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As a writing coach I will assist you in areas such as, navigating the publishing world, developing an author platform, book launch strategies and publishing wide for indies, among other topics.

Available Coaching Services:

Newsletter Building ($60/90 min session via Zoom): We will create a newsletter from scratch which includes a reader magnet, sign-up automation and monthly topics. We will also dive into newsletter promotions via Bookfunnel and Booksweeps to gain subscribers more rapidly.

Author Branding with Aesthetic & Social Media Planning ($60/90 min session via Zoom): More than just colors and theme, we will create a cohesive feeling that represents your author brand through content and purpose.

Book Release with Promotional Planning ($125 with 2 (1) hour long sessions via Zoom): I will help you organize your project, determine a schedule and select a completion date as a goal. My job is to help you focus and provide an objective perspective, while guiding and encouraging you through the process.

1:1 How-To Instruction:

KDP ($60/ instruction via Zoom): Create an Amazon author account and learn to upload your first book. This is a great class for first time indie publishers. We'll also discuss Kindle Unlimited versus 'going wide' as a brand new author.

Bookfunnel ($60/instruction via Zoom): Create a Bookfunnel account with landing page, sales page, and promotion search/sign-ups. Learn how to reach new readers and grow your newsletter subscriber list.

As a Developmental Editor, my goal is to improve the content and

structure of your manuscript and take on topics such as pacing, plot, characterization and setting.

General Critique Overview:

<50k words $100

50-80k words $150

80k-110k words $200

Developmental Editing:

$0.02 per word. Median pace of work is 4-6 pages per hour which equates to $30 per hour. 

*According to the Editorial Freelancers Association, the median rate for fiction developmental editing is $0.03-0.39 per word. Median pace of work is 4-6 pages per hour which equates to $46-50 per hour. A page is defined as 250 words, the industry standard for a manuscript page.

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