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Below is a small collection of books I have helped bring to market as an editor, writing coach, or publishing mentor. There is nothing I enjoy more than working with brand new authors as they polish their manuscripts, begin the query process, or take the publishing reins into their own hands as an indie author. 

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Life is looking pretty good for thirty-two-year-old Jessica Dodd. She just bought her wedding dress and closed on a house with her trial lawyer fiancé, Thomas. But first, she needs to take care of one tiny issue: her husband - a drunken, youthful indiscretion from a weekend in Vegas years ago. She never saw the guy again, so it didn’t really count. Still, she needs to get divorced.

CIA agent Parker Salvatore has thought of his Vegas wife over the years, though it was never time to start dating her. However, when he returns from a two-year assignment to find that she is literally in bed with the enemy, he realizes it’s time to make his move. First, he needs to catch the bad guy, then he can woo the girl.

Things begin to unravel when Jessica finds out Thomas has been lying to her. Determined to confront him she follows him to Italy. Fueled by a surplus of caffeine and a colossal lack of sleep her plan becomes a hell of a lot more complicated when she walks straight into the middle of the CIA’s criminal investigation of her fiancé.

Set against the backdrop of the Tuscan countryside, Parker and Jessica find themselves treading the perilous waters of infiltrating a well-known crime family, filing for divorce and attempting to keep their rekindled attraction at bay.

Lily Hart is the semi-famous host of Love Lily, a podcast dedicated to love and relationships. Her bubbly enthusiasm for all things romance has caught the eye of a few swanky sponsors who offer her the chance to host a Valentine’s Day mega event. Unfortunately, Lily’s own happily-ever-after has hit a rocky patch. She’s not sure if Henry, her longtime boyfriend, is even the one. When they decide to discuss things over dinner, Lily’s left questioning everything she knows about love. She panics and calls for a getaway car.

Blaze Steel thinks the notion of love is a mythical fable made up to ruin his life. Instead of relationships he pours his energy into the opening of his new bar the Steel Taproom. Until it’s up and running, however, Blaze is forced to continue his duties as a Lyft driver. When a frantic Lily jumps into the backseat of his car, Blaze doesn’t know what hit him. All he knows is he hopes he never has to lay eyes on this woman again.

Fate has different plans for them, as their paths continue to cross. When Lily realizes she can’t show up to her own event dateless, Blaze reluctantly agrees. No feelings, just a plus one. How hard could it be? After all, they’re the last couple in the world who would ever fall in love.

Unwrap the magic of the holiday season in this heartwarming romance about Christmas wishes, mistletoe kisses and finding love in the most unexpected place.


This year Molly McKenna’s Christmas list includes bringing the warmth of the holiday to the steely cold streets of Manhattan, getting her sexy boss Sebastian Tate, to fall madly in love with her, and finding the courage to go for her dream of creating a holiday village. She realizes this is a tall order, but nothing can dull Molly’s shine at Christmas time.


However, with one week until Christmas, her position with Tate and Price Marketing Firm is anything but merry. The company’s future is on the verge of sabotage and Molly learns her job is on the line. Hunter Bentley, her best friend and coworker, devises a plan for Molly to bring home a win for the company, while getting the elusive bachelor Sebastian to finally notice her.


So, Molly lets down her tight bun, tosses her glasses and attempts to walk in stilettos with the grace of a newborn reindeer. Surprisingly, the plan is working, until Hunter decides to concoct a plan of his own. While visions of Sebastian dance in her head, Molly heads home for a Christmas she will never forget. Can a kiss under the mistletoe deliver everything on Molly's list?

How does one go from socializing at the country club with the perfect family, living in a mansion and driving a Lexus—to wrestling salamanders and tutus with two feuding daughters, living in a rundown ski lodge and driving a demonic minivan?


Megan's post-divorce life has proven more difficult than binge eating fruitcake. With no particular skill set, and the dating pool thinner than a piece of tinsel, she considers giving in to sweatpants, carbs, and bottomless mugs of eggnog. However, when her sisters ask her to renovate the old Mistletoe Lodge, she optimistically accepts.


Stone Reynolds has sworn off work and women. However, upon hearing about a rustic ski lodge in desperate need of remodeling, the handsome, rugged handyman can’t help but want in. Megan is modern luxe, white fur, and chandeliers. Stone is rustic elements, vintage accents, and weathered wood. The last thing Megan needs is a flannel-wearing, country music loving, know it all contractor. The one thing Stone can’t afford is a beautiful, complicated distraction.


As sleigh rides and mistletoe swirl around them, an unexpected kiss nearly melts the snow off their boots. As the old lodge gets a fresh start, will they discover that second chances aren’t just for fixer-uppers?

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Being single sucks, but McKenzie Lewis is in no hurry to settle down. Not when there is a classroom full of five year olds that rely on her and even more kids in the world that need help. Unfortunately, taking care of others requires money, and McKenzie has no hope of ever making enough to bring her dreams to fruition. Until Cole.

Cole Montgomery is ambitious. So ambitious he's willing to marry a complete stranger in order to get the promotion he deserves. The way he sees it - it's only for a year, he'll be so busy in the office he'll never see her and then it can be life as usual. What he doesn't expect is for McKenzie to sweep into his life with her golden heart on her sleeve and make him feel things he didn't know he was capable of.

Soon, strangers will become friends and friends will become something neither of them was looking for. When their year is up, will they be able to walk away? Or will his heart of coal crave her flame forever?

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When Lia Holley meets Dominic, a handsome and alluring vampire, sparks fly…literally. They discover they can dreamfast, a rare telepathic connection, and she finds herself bound to him against her better judgment. But as Lia and Dominic begin to fall in love, a sinister threat conspires to rip them apart.

For a century, Dominic has co-existed with Lilith, the jealous she-demon who made him. As Lilith’s obsession with Dominic grows into an unpredictable and deadly rage, Lia finds herself in a bitter fight for survival, hunted by the she-demon and the pack of werewolves she commands. But there’s another reason that Lilith wants Lia dead.

Lia holds the secret to Lilith’s destruction. But as Lilith’s fury becomes uncontrollable, Lia knows she must find the courage to commit the ultimate sacrifice — her own death — or risk losing everything she loves.

Crimson Ties is the first book in the Crimson Ties Trilogy. For fans of Twilight and Vampire Diaries.

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When Abby Spencer’s family is murdered, she closes herself off to everything, only allowing Zane, the handsome, magnetic vampire who has become her closest friend, to breech her walled reserve. As she leans on him more than ever, they discover a deeper connection lies between them and that they are bound in ways neither of them expected.

When a stranger arrives on her doorstep, Abby finds herself staring into the face of her mirror image – her twin sister, Lia, who brings a dire warning. Abby’s life is in danger.

Navigating the loss of her family, curious and intrigued about the budding attraction between herself and Zane, she discovers her entire life has been a lie. Needing answers, she heads to Savannah with her new-found sister and finds herself embroiled in a deadly cat and mouse game with a demon who wants revenge.

Now, as the demon closes in, Abby must fight for her life, and she knows there is only one way to survive. She must die.

Because death runs in the family.

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